TBMCE 2023 Program Outline

Wednesday, 6. 9. 2023

14:00-14:45Opening Ceremony
14:45-15:30Plenary Lecture
15:30-17:00Round table: Standardization for circular economy – more secure and less complicated closing of material loops
17:00-17:30Coffee Break and Pitch
17:30-19:00Panel discussion 1: Capture, storage or conversion of CO2 or H2?
20:00-Get together

Thursday, 7. 9. 2023

09:00-09:45Plenary Lecture
10:00-11:30Panel discussion 2: The potential of small scale biorefining
11:30-12:00Coffee Break and Poster Session
12:00-13:30Lectures 1

Panel discussion 3: Circular economy in construction – myth or real opportunity?
15:00-16:30Lectures 2Panel discussion 4: International perspective on circular communities
16:45-18:15Lectures 3Lectures 4
19:30-Gala Dinner

Friday, 8. 9. 2023

08:30-10:00Panel discussion 5: Sector coupling: pathways to integrated energy systems
10:00-11:30Panel discussion 6: Combating water pollution by plastic waste
11:30-12:00Coffee Break and Poster Session
12:00-13:30Lectures 5Lectures 6
13:30-13:40Closing Ceremony

The organizer reserves the right to change the program. The final program will be published in August 2023.