T1: Sustainable energy

  • Waste to Energy
  • Renewable energy, Biofuels
  • Energy storage, Energy efficiency
  • Emerging energy technologies

T2: Biomass and alternative raw materials

  • Biodegradable plastic and bioplastic
  • Smart packaging and textiles
  • Sustainable mobilization of biomass
  • Ligno-cellulose biorefineries
  • Alternative raw materials for innovative (bio)products

T3: Circular business models

  • LCA in circular economy business models
  • Ecodesign and LCA
  • Product renovation and repair for prolonged use
  • Monitoring framework for Circular Economy
  • Value chain creation
  • Supply chain innovation
  • Innovative business models and applications

T4: Secondary raw materials and functional materials

  • Advances in sludge treatment and disposal
  • Industrial, construction and demolition wastes
  • Biological wastes for valuable products
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Polymer, textile, municipal and other wastes
  • Products and energy from waste water
  • Sustainable composites
  • Advanced packing and materials
  • Recycling and closing the loops in the value chain of critical mineral resources

T5: ICT in Circular Economy

  • Open source, open data applications
  • Computer-based platform for technical, environmental and business solutions
  • Measurement and communication
  • Digital industry, Industry 4.0

T6: Processes and technologies

  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
  • Microplastic pollution prevention and mitigating technologies
  • Bio-based (green) chemicals, materials and composites production
  • Plastic, rubber and resin materials production, processing and recycling
  • Process design, construction and optimization upon approaching Circular Economy
  • Innovative process equipment, control and automation, and going continuous
  • Sustainable development technologies, emerging low-carbon economy and renewables