Since 2011, Prof. François Marechal is heading the Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering group in Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Valais-Wallis campus, Switzerland). He holds a Chem eng. (1986) and PhD. degree (1995) from University of Liège (B). He is ranked by []( in the top 10 of the researcher in Switzerland in the field of science and engineering. His main field of research concerns computer aided decision support for the design of integrated processes and energy systems with the focus on the decarbonisation and the systemic integration of renewable energy sources. Prof Marechal is the former head of the energy section of the EFCE and the chief editor of the specialty process and energy systems engineering of the journal frontiers in energy research. He is the president of the scientific committee of the Industry Decarbonisation Priority Research of the French government and serves in the scientific committee of CEA, MinesParisTech and Institut Mines Telecom in France. François Marechal and co-workers have developed a comprehensive superstructure based multi-objective optimisation method to design integrated processes considering life cycle impact assessment metrics. Their pioneering work in sustainable natural gas production have demonstrated the importance of process integration to design efficient processes co-producing heat and methane or other liquid fuels from lignocellulosic materials while demonstrating CO2 capture and the renewable energy storage by integrating electrolysis. The process design methods have also been applied to design patented technologies like a SOFC system which reaches more then 80% electrical efficiency with CO2 capture, a system to capture CO2 on trucks exhausts or an innovative design for hydro-thermal gasification for the recovery of pure water, salts and natural gas from wet waste biomass.François Marechal has contributed to the creation of six start-up companies : [Bluewatt Engineering now part of PSE Siemens]( : energy efficient waste water treatment, [Trea-tech]( : hydrothermal gasification for water treatment and biomass conversion, []( : multi-energy systems design by CO2 based district heating and cooling systems, [Urbio]( : decision suppport in urban energy system planing. [Qaptis]( : CO2 capture in transportation systems. [Emissium]( : CO2 tracking and certification.